Special Sessions
Currently, the following special sessions have been proposed.
No. of Special Sessions Name of Special Sessions
SS1 Special Session on Modelling and Application on Big Data”, organized by Prof. Kai Gao
SS2 Special Session on Renewable Energy: Modelling, Design, control and Application, organized by Dr. Youcef SOUFI
SS3 Special Session on Numerical Solution and Optimal Design of Nonlinear Mechanical Modeling”, organized by Dr. Feng Zhu
SS4 Special Session on Multiple Model Methods in Modelling Identification and Control”, organized by Weicun Zhang
SS5 Special Session on Chaos, Fractals and Applications”, organized by Rui Wang and Hui Sun
SS6 Special Session on Emerging Control Methods & Applications from Young Generation”, organized by Dr. Xin Liu and Dr. Ji Qiu
SS7 Special Session on Modelling, Simulation and Applications in Propulsion & Power Generation Systems, organized by Zhongzhi Hu, Jiqiang Wang and Bing Yu
SS8 Special Session on Wireless Communication Methods in Modelling and Identification, organized by Xin Wang and Weicun Zhang
SS9 Special Session on “Modelling, optimization, Control and Application of Dynamic Flight Systems”, organized by Ruisheng Sun
SS10 Special Session on “Modelling, Identification and Control in Nonlinear Servo Systems”, organized by Qiang Chen
SS11 Special Session on “Control, Filtering, Recognition and Their Application in Robotics”, organized by Chenguang Yang and Hongbin Ma
SS12 Special Session on “State Estimation and its Applications”, organized by Prof. Xuebo Jin and Tingli Su
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We particularly welcome any researchers to organize special sessions. A special session consists of five or six papers, which should present a unifying theme from a diversity of viewpoints. The session organizer should submit an electronic version (pdf file) of the session proposal to hszhang@kmust.edu.cn before 1/2/2017. Each proposal for an invited session should describe the theme and scope of the proposed session. The proposal must contain the title and theme of the session and a list of paper titles, names, and email address of the corresponding authors if available. If you don't have enough papers (less than five or six papers), please also send your proposal to us, and we will recommend the relevant papers to you.


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